The Erasmus Bridge also called the Swan in the city of Rotterdam in the Netherlands. Collection consist of 4 almost abstract photo's, each with a unique processing.

The most famous bridge in the Netherlands. A unique image in the large port city. The Erasmus Bridge also called the swan has a height of 139 meters and a length of 802 meters and was built in the year 1996. Architect Ben van Berkel. I have made a collection of it where underneath this image and edited it into an almost abstract image.  Available in four colours.  A  real  musthave in you collection! @ The bridge the swan Rotterdam - Collection | OpenSea

Funky sheep with many colors such as green, blue and red. The blue head with a red chest. With a cool sheepskin jacket. One from a collection of 5

Craszy collection of funky sheep art style. Cool sheepskin jacket in various colors.  If you love animals and of course sheep or farm life, this is a collection that really suits you. Do you also fit the jacket! Then go to the collection on Opensea.  @  Funky sheeps - Collection | OpenSea

The powerful Swan collection. Consist of a series of 10 pieces, each with unique colors or processing. 

The powerful posture of the swan with beautiful feathers in a NFT collection.   Go to the collection on Opensea.  @  The powerful Swan - Collection | OpenSea